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"The only way to have power
is to take it."

Here to Stay

Here to Stay is a political strategy game in which player creates and manages his own political party.

Here to Stay is a game that focuses on the political and behind-the-scenes fight on the road to victory. The player forms a new political party from scratch. The game focuses on the management of a political party and individual members. The player faces intrigues and unexpected situations that he is forced to solve. Only winning the city elections will secure his way to parliamentary seats. The plot of the game takes place in the sixties somewhere in the east of Europe.

Select experienced and capable members for your political party. Manage state budget and use diplomacy skills. Change laws and shape future of your state.

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The old government is unstable and emerging political parties are trying to gain a stronger position on the political scene.


Leading political fight is a lot of bureoaucracy. You controll whole party and state with documents and contracts.

Party members

The player must manage its party members carefully. The road to power is long and only satisfied members form a stable party.


Divide and rule. If you wants to control the whole state, he must control the individual cities first.

Member actions

There is a lot to handle when comes to party members. Make sure they are not unloyal or protect them from being killed or send to prison.


Political party is formed by 4 departments: Internal affairs, Finance, Propaganda and Power. Make sure you balance them well and use full potential of their strength.


Elections are one of the most important events in the state. It is necessary to prepare for the election campaign and choose strong candidates.


In each city you will find different buildings with different benefits. But you need to appoint your key members in the management of the buildings first.

Law votation

Rules are not about breaking, but about changing! The state laws determine the rules and the course of the whole state.


As always, you can get most important informations from TV. News on television report current events in the state.


Newspapers are one of the most important sources of information. Those who do not like to read can watch television.


You can enjoy several unique piano tracks. They were composed specially for the game by talented Mikuláš Tichý.


Banks, schools, prisons or media houses. These are important to control. Each of them gives you more actions you can do in the state.

Party Ideology

People in the state perceive the player's political party and its ideology according to the way the player handles individual situations.

Member contracts

Each member of your party is unique. They have different characteristics and can help you with different situations.

Game modes



Main campaign is carefully balanced for all types of players. You will enjoy and learn all the mechanics from the game.



We crafted 3 special scenarios for players who want to be challenged in specific aspects of the game. Try to become Head of State with limited amount of weeks or try to kill or imprison specific party members in our custom scenarios.



Create your own scenario. Set up all starting values such as number of enemy parties, active laws, difficulty of various aspects of the game and so much more.