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About the team

Jakub Kučera

Jakub Kucera

Creative director

Game designer

Marchelo Giancarlo

Marchello Giancarlo


Game designer



Josef Vandelik

Josef Vandelik IV

3D Environment artistr

Viktor Svoboda

Viktor Svoboda

Keyart illustrator

Vladimír Chalupa

Vladimir Chalupa

Icon artist

Magdaléna Nozarová

Magdalena Nozarova

Web coder & Icon artist

Mikuláš Tichý

Mikulas Tichy

Pianist (Soundtrack)

Jan Šikl

Jan Sikl

Sound editor

Marchello Giorgio

Marchello Giorgio

Sound designer

Big thanks to:

..all our playtesters from Discord group. Thank you for all your time spend on giving us feedback, testing and finding bugs. Big thanks to Ondřej Bach. Matěj Bultas. Pavel Kubát from Kube Games. Lukáš Navrátil from Attu Games. Residit company for providing office space for some time. We are using 3D models from Scatchfab and here is a list of authors with links to their portfolio.